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The afternoon finished with a tea party and a present from Father Christmas for every child.Many of the children were from volunteering projects that UBU Volunteering helps throughout the year, including youngsters from St Paul’s Family and Learning Centre and Humdard – a charity supporting Asian women in Bristol.All the children had a great time and were very happy.The volunteers put an enormous amount of effort into organising this event.Even those who still come away empty-handed can take comfort in the knowledge that the money raised will go to a good cause.The night is being run by UBU Volunteering to raise funds for their Christmas community events.Students worked tirelessly to fundraise and prepare for Saturday’s party in the hope that it would be a day to remember for everyone involved.“The grant from Children in Need recognises the difference such events can make to young people, who might not otherwise get to enjoy festivities that many of us take for granted.

Jac is adamant about her innocence yet finds it increasingly difficult to prove as witness statements detail how she threatened the victim; a man who attacked her last year, and her prints are all over the weapon but she is insistent that she wasn’t the one who stabbed him.New to this extended series is young and charismatic DCI Scott Vaughan (Oliver Milburn) who is drafted in to replace disgraced DCI Harry Hutchinson who was arrested at his own retirement party on corruption charges.The gang even manage to squeeze in a trip to London!All the time we make sure that the organisations respect the regulations and you can make the most out of the opportunity in a safe environment.Any time you need help or you have any issues e-mail us or come and see us in our office!

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